So you’ve found your way inside the biscuit tin eh?

Welcome, glad to have ya aboard! There’s gonna be a lot of talk about mental health on my site. If you don’t really know a lot about me, I am incredibly passionate about changing the way society perceives mentally ill people. The stigma and taboo regarding talking about mental health and being open and honest with your feelings must end. Silence and shame takes lives, talking saves them.

I’ll also throw in a few of your typical ‘lifestyle’ posts with cute pictures of Yankee Candles, fairy lights and all that jazz because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bit of that. I shall endeavor to include some posts for the discerning gentleman as well, so don’t feel left out chaps!

Finally, I will be reviewing films, books, games and all that noise because I love giving my opinion on things and you lot are gonna get to read about it all, straight from the horse’s mouth!

I welcome comments, feedback, interaction on social media