World Suicide Prevention Day 2017

A day dedicated to something like the prevention of suicide makes me feel incredibly morose. To think that there are innumerable people around the globe contemplating suicide makes me feel sick to my stomach and it’s happening as I type these little symbols that make up the language we use to communicate. But clearly, somewhere along the line, we’ve failed. 

We’ve replaced compassion and listening with emojis and Snapchat stories, we give our time away to small distractions and forget to focus on the things that matter in life, the things that nurture our soul. I’m guilty of this for sure, as are most of you reading this right now and it’s something that has very quickly become the norm. Instead of listening when someone admits they’re suffering or has a problem, we judge them, we criticise them, we internalise and think about our lives and how we might be affected by the situation. It takes no time at all to just reach out and tell someone you’re there.

It’s so simple. It really is.

Suicide kills over 6,500 people in the UK alone and I dread to think what that number is on a worldwide scale. But you have the power to change this statistic. You can make a difference to someone who feels like ending it all, you can give someone their hope back.

Listen, love and support people in your life, whether they’re friends, family or strangers on the street. You haven’t walked their path, you don’t know what they’re going through so show them compassion and kindness because it’s magic, and it really does save lives.


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