Happy Father’s Day – 18/06/2017


What is left for me to say, that I haven’t uttered every other Father’s Day?

You didn’t want presents or cards or gifts, you just wanted to spend time with your big kid.

25 years you’ve been there for me, through the good times, the sad times and those in between.

Remember when you choke slammed me onto the chair? And I got straight back up and said: “Again again!”.

A better role model is impossible to find, although The Rock and Stone Cold are not far behind.

I’ve never wanted for nothing but always asked for more, and not once have you threatened to show me the door.

You’ve driven thousands of miles to pick me up over the years, you’ve cradled me close when I’ve been racked with tears.

You give me safety, security and a roof over my head, you even sacrificed the big bedroom so I could have a double bed.

You’ve carried on sharing Nan’s loving ways, proving that any time is cuddle time, each and every day.

You’ve given everything you have to give me the best, so today at least, take a well-deserved rest.

Put your feet up, relax, crack open the beers, I’ll cook the dinner and we can celebrate with cheers.

As your son, it’s my privilege to wish you today, the best, most special Happy Father’s Day.

I love you Dad ❤


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