The Problem With Schools

Today, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has ruled that a father should pay a fine for taking his child on holiday during school term time. The BBC covered the story which you can read here – – which goes into detail about the case. It got me thinking about schools and how they work in general.

The main thing I disagree with in this article is where it suggests that if you get poor GCSE’s it will have a lasting effect on your life chances.
Your GCSE’s and A-Levels are not the be all and end all of your life! They’re archaic and, with particular focus on GCSE’s, they’re more like a memory test than actually a measure of your capabilities as a human being. The whole school system needs a massive overhaul to move away from trying to hit targets and be the top of leader tables and do what schools are there to do in the first place; prepare young adults for the real world. 
I can’t recall the last time I used something I learned in school in my life recently (with the exception of maths and English) and to allude to a quote by Einstein (I believe it was him) “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it would look pretty stupid”.
Not everyone learns at the same pace or is interested in the same things and everyone learns differently as well! Using the same examination and grading process for everyone doesn’t work and more needs to be done to highlight this.


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