LUSH Exposed Over and Over


Unless you live like a Neanderthal, you’ll all be familiar with LUSH and the heavenly scented goodness that they bestow upon us, not to mention all of their work for animal welfare and charity. However, I never thought that purchasing from the cosmetics company would gift me with an opportunity to challenge my OCD.

When you walk into a LUSH store, your olfactory system is bombarded with an onslaught of smells, some of which are distinguishable (lavender, chocolate and citrus spring to mind) but mostly it’s a cacophony of all-too-much. And the colours?! Vibrant and mesmerising is an understatement. In spite of all this, I love walking past and being hypnotically drawn in by the heady mixture. One thing that particularly tickles my fancy is the layout of the bath bombs. Iconic, symbolic; arguably LUSH’s defining product by a mile. Yet they’re something that I find tricky to acquire when my OCD sparks up.

Today, after demolishing the above meal at Bill’s, Sophie and I decided to get a bath bomb. Soph doesn’t usually like getting them as they aggravate her skin but wanted to give it a go and see if we could find one that would be as relaxing as they’re intended to be. After having a browse, we settled on one called Over and Over, a lime and cocoa butter inspired affair that promised swirls of pink, orange and gold. The woman in the store also said that it should be okay for Sophie’s skin so we were happy to throw our money at them.


So this is when my OCD kicks in, because I immediately worry about all of the people that have touched the bath bombs that are laid out on the shop floor, my mind running riot and kicking my rational thoughts to the curb. I went over to another staff member and politely explained my situation and asked if she would be able to fetch one from the back room that wouldn’t have been handled by anyone else and she was so kind and understanding, instantly putting me at ease. Before she went to the back room though, she deposited a cotton pad in the bin underneath the icebox that contains the face scrubs. It was a small foot pedal bin but she used her hand to lift the lid. My mind started to race and my whole body flushed hot and I was unable to ask her to wash her hands before she got the bath bomb due to a combination of embarrassment, shame and guilt (the three big sledgehammers OCD likes to use to batter me into submission).

Panic set in and turned my insides into jelly. All I could think about was that I’d be unable to use the bath bomb and how much of a waste of money it would be and how much of a waste of space and a pathetic failure I am. I kept the smile on my face as she printed off the label and neatly packaged it in a bag, germ riddled handles glaring at me, goading me to reach out and grasp hold of that disgusting feeling. Autopilot took over and I accepted the bag graciously, passing courtesies like nothing had happened. We left the store and I’d already formulated a plan of action. I would keep the bag in one hand, the dirty one, and use my clean one to open the car door, put the bag in the back and then use hand gel to make both of them clean again.

The thoughts didn’t end there unfortunately because my mind reminded my that she must have touched the bath bomb with the ‘bin hands’, ergo there was no way in hell that I could use it. HELL NO! I was determined that I wouldn’t be stopped from enjoying a nice relaxing bath with Soph by my illness. I decided there and then that I was going to use it and I did! It was glorious! The water was silky smooth and our skin was practically glowing afterwards!

Not only that, but I relished in using Sophie’s expensive and luxurious shampoo, Aussie. What started as a bog standard outing turned into a ‘free’ therapy session courtesy of LUSH. Although I think that the staff member should have used her foot instead of her hand (and for all I know she might have washed her hands in the back before getting the bath bomb) I’m pleased that it happened because it gave me the opportunity to face my OCD head on and come out the victor AND have a relaxing pamper session in the process! I can’t wait for Sophie to moisturise my entire body with Zoella’s beauty cream later on before bed 😉

Remember, you can resist your illness, you can recover, you can find hope in adversity.



7 thoughts on “LUSH Exposed Over and Over

  1. Well done Rich! I’m so happy you fighting this horrible illness and you inspire me to try me best to challenge it too! 🙂

  2. Good for you! I know how from a close friend how difficult OCD is, which is why I’m very glad to read that you were the winner of this battle. As someone who has also used the Over and Over bath bomb before, you definitely didn’t want to miss out on this one. It’s so nice and citrus-y, isn’t it. Instantly rewarding. Nice blog post!

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