Fitness, Grief & Starting Afresh

It’s been 10 months to the day since I decided to get off my arse, start working out and eating and drinking healthily. I set myself small weekly goals and didn’t put too many restrictions on what I was going to put into my body. I took inspiration from Joe Wicks (The Body Coach/Lean In 15 guy) and used his YouTube videos when I was training. It was all going swimmingly and then came suddenly crashing to a halt.

About a month into my HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), my nan passed away. All motivation and energy to work out or even attempt to stay away from chocolate, crisps and the lure of comfort eating fell away. I went back to being lazy, lethargic and apathetic towards a healthy lifestyle.

Depression and grief often walk hand in hand but in this instance, they were skipping merrily across my skin, laughing heartily as I spiralled into sadness. If you’ve been lost in the fog of depression before, you’ll know that it has a treacle like quality, slowing everything down and making any task nigh on impossible. You can imagine how this hampered any effort I made to regain my desire to workout and be healthy.

Yet, for all the time I was gripped by despair and longing, the pilot light kept flickering away, guarding some part of me that would soon reignite with a passion. As time has passed, I’ve clawed my way out of grief’s clutches and in turn, have found the gasoline can to set fire to that pilot light and get me going again. With Sophie’s help, 10 months later, I’ve decided to revitalise my training programme.

Above you’ll see photos of me taken earlier today. Protruding from my tummy is something that has recently come to be know as ‘The Podge’. Not necessarily an unwelcome visitor but all the same one that I’m not keen on keeping, its high time to say goodbye. Taking inspiration from Mr. Wicks and one of my fave peeps around, Amanda Bootes (who has lots of fitspo and lifestyle tips & tid-bits of wisdom to impart), and with Sophie’s continued encouragement, I’ll be training 3-5 times a week and cutting junk food and drink out of my diet.

It’ll be a massive challenge because my OCD likes to have its finger in all of the pies and it particularly loves the pie that concerns my thoughts about food prep and contamination. But I am determined not to let it get in the way. I’ll be relying a lot on protein powder from the fantabulous people over at MyProtein but will endeavour not to substitute real food in place of powder (a point which the Body Coach likes to reinforce).

So I shall chart my journey (again) on my Instagram and will post enough to keep you updated, I won’t become one of those shirtless, mirror-selfie hipsters, I promise! If you’re reading this and going through a rough time yourself and wanting to workout more or find some motivation, all I can say is that you are capable. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to! So take those first steps, get down, do the work and take pictures of your progress.

Take care of yourselves and as always, adios amigos.

Rich x


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