Blogtober #31 – The End

Alright my luvvers!

Ahh, and so we come to the end of Blogtober. What a month it’s been! Full of exciting, new life changes I think it’s safe to say that Blogtober on the whole has been a lot of fun. Right now, I never want to do this again but I am sure that feeling will change.

It’s been a really tough day. I haven’t been able to concentrate, I’ve been frustrated with where my life is heading job-wise and my Great Uncle Roy passed away this evening. I don’t want to say a lot more so I’ll leave it here.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, it’s been a lot tougher than I thought it would be to blog every day which as some of you will have realised wasn’t what happened. I’ve tried to keep up and I hope you’ve laughed and learned some things about me along the way.

As always, take care of yourselves and I’ll see you down the line. Adios amigos,



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