Blogtober #30 – Family Day, Pumpkin Carving & Skyrim

Alright my luvvers!

Today was one of those days where everything was just lovely and fell into place. Soph and I had decided to spend the entire day at home with her family spending time with them and celebrating Halloween with some pumpkin carving.

Some of Sophie’s family came round for the day and it was just really nice to have a day talking and relaxing and hearing about the lives and stories of her relatives. We were laughing, eating cake and talking non-stop (which isn’t hard for me as I can talk for England!).

Then came the time for me to carve my first ever pumpkin. Yes I know, I’m 24 and I have only just carved my first one but I come from a family that treats Halloween like any other day. I was very ambitious with my design and went for the Jurassic Park logo. I thought I did a very good job for a first attempt and I’ll certainly aim for something Star Wars related next year.

If you love gaming, you’ll most likely love Skyrim as well. It’s just been released as a remaster for PS4 and Xbox One and I’ll readily admit that I purchased it straight away. I got it as a digital download because I’m too lazy to get up and change the disc every time I want to play a different game (#noshame). It’s arguably one of the best RPG’s out there and the depth and size of the game allows for almost endless replayability value.

Anyway, I’m off to explore the wilds and fight off dragons, adios amigos!



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