Blogtober #29 – Hungover Slothing & Halloween In The Big Smoke

Alright my luvvers!

The majority of today was spent slothing out on the sofa and hanging after the night before. We literally did naff all other than re-hydrating and watching crap on the telly until it was time to start doing the makeup in prep for the night ahead.

We decided on going as zombie skeletons for Halloween and it was a very cost effective costume. I took a pair of crocodile scissors to an old plain shirt from Next and hacked until it looked like I’d appeared as an extra in The Walking Dead. After Sophie worked her magic and used some Halloween makeup that her sister got for us, I thought I looked authentically zombified. We headed out to meet my friends and joined the gaggle of party-goers who were also dressed to kill. Free drinks, shots and some classic late 90’s/early 00’s bangers later, we were all well and truly pooped. After being slung out of the club for falling asleep at the bar, it was high time to call it a night and tap away for an Über home.


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