Blogtober #28 – A Face For Radio, In The Telegraph, A Uni Planner, Cute Surprises & Reflex

Alright my luvvers!

Today was jam packed with stuff so kick back and read on to hear all about my radio interview, being published online for The Telegraph and a night out in London, intertwined with cute gifts from Soph.

I started the day with a twist by being interviewed alongside my dad on the radio for BBC 5 Live. It was all about mental health and a Time To Change poll which revealed that nearly half of 16-18 year old teenage boys felt uncomfortable and unable to talk to their fathers about the state of their mental health. This is so sad to hear because there should be no shame or stigma associated with talking about your feelings, emotions, fears or worries about mental health.

I also wrote a blog post for Time To Change about the same subject and rather incredibly, it was picked up by The Telegraph and published in their ‘Men’ section online. I am so proud and more importantly, I’m over the moon that mental health is being covered so much in the media recently. I think that we’re slowly starting to see a shift in the tide and the taboo surrounding mental illness and talking about your emotions is changing for the better. You can find the article in The Telegraph here.

ALSO, I have a uni planner and I don’t go to uni but it’s the best thing that I’ve ever been given. Soph used her uni bursary to get it for me because she has the exact same one and she can’t get enough of it and I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. IT’S A GAME CHANGER. I love it and it’s made planning my blog and YouTube and life in general a whole lot easier. Sophie also surprised me with a cute card and a present as well which was totally out of the blue. The card was to tell me how proud she is of me because of all I’ve done recently to raise awareness of mental health issues and the present was a little box of cards that you pull out each day. I think it could be described as a ’30 Days of Happiness’ box.

We finished the night with a trip up to Reflex in London near St. Paul’s Cathedral. For anyone that’s not in the know, it’s an 80’s nightclub with a light-up dancefloor (ala Saturday Night Fever) and Sophie was dreading it. However, we met up with two of my closest friends and ended up having a blast, dancing and singing the night away.

Anyway, enough from me. Take care of yourselves,



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