Blogtober #27 – Media Frustration, Bath By Candlelight, Baby Back Ribs & Cat Cuddles

Alright my luvvers!

I was pulled from pillar to post and I can’t remember the last time I had to send and receive the amount of phone calls and emails as I’ve been doing today!

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the memo, I am going to be in a documentary about mental health called ‘Me & My Mental Illness’ which will air on the 1st of November at 10pm on Channel 5 (GMT). There is no narration or commentary from mental health professionals, it’s simply people who experience mental illness first hand sharing their story. It’s raw, hard-hitting and emotional but it does a fantastic job of highlighting the reality of what living with a mental illness is like. I’ve been given the opportunity to do some media work in light of my involvement with the documentary which has ranged from radio interviews and newspaper interviews with the possibility of taking part in some television promotion for the doc in the pipeline.

Ever had to do any media work? If you answered yes, then you’ll be able to empathise with how I’ve felt today. Some absolutely fantastic people over at Channel 5 and Time To Change (TTC) tried their very best to make sure everything ran smoothly but due to the fickle nature of television, one major opportunity fell through at the last hurdle. I wasn’t sure whether to say that it was Good Morning Britain or not but I can’t ignore the lack of respect that was shown not only to myself but to the people at TTC and Channel 5. To have everything set up and organised and then to cancel all of the plans 2 hours before I was due to do some filming for them and to not inform the other people involved was a very poor move on their front. Lots of ringing around and replying to emails followed this and by late afternoon I was shattered, frustrated and annoyed.

Soph came to the rescue by running me a bath and getting out the candles. I don’t care if you’re reading this and think that a candlelit bath isn’t ‘manly’, I defy you to suggest a better way of unwinding. I immediately felt calmer and the old adage of ‘washing your troubles away’ rang true (for an hour at least). We had ribs for dinner, and I ain’t talkin’ no small fry ribs either. I’m talkin’ big ass chunks of meat that you could tear off the bone in the most caveman-like¬†way to the point where I had rib sauce near my ears. Lottie (one of Sophie’s two cats and my favourite of the pair, Bluebell being the other who is almost as cute) then came for cat cuddles which cheered me up even more. I’m usually a dog person but since being around the two sisters, I am slowly coming round to the feline furballs.

Anyway, enough from me! Take care of yourselves,



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