Blogtober #26 – Maccies Breakkie, Death By Foot & An Autumnal Walk

Alright my luvvers!

Starting the day with a McDonald’s breakfast can never be a bad thing. I defy anyone (apart from non-fast food fans and vegans) to tell me otherwise. A greasy sausage, egg and cheese bagel with a hash brown (or three) and a smooth Tropicana orange juice to wash it all down was heavenly this morning.

Sophie was over the moon as unbeknownst to me, she was going to ask me to get her one when I arrived anyway so turning up at the door with the brown bag in hand netted me a whole bunch of boyfriend points. We both decided to spend the day blogging and working on our individual projects which went well for most of the day until we drove ourselves stir crazy. I then unintentionally almost knocked Sophie out. I was lying on her bed on my front and she bent down as I lifted my feet up which smacked her straight across the nose. I genuinely believed it would be a trip to A&E, it was that bad. However, Soph didn’t wanna go through the hassle and wanted to go out for some fresh air.

In a bid to de-stress and calm down, we went for a drive to a nice, picturesque golf course. The views were absolutely lovely and it was so nice to walk around without the disctraction of noise or people or the glare of a computer screen. It cleared Soph’s head a little too which was a relief!

Anyway, enough from me. Adios amigos,



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