Blogtober #25 – Much Ado About Nothing

Alright my luvvers!

For the second day in a row, nothing has really happened that is incredibly interesting. However, I did meet Sophie’s nan who is a staunch Millwall supporter so, as a means to make a good first impression, I donned my Millwall football shirt and engaged in as much conversation about the club as possible with her. I exhausted all of my knowledge and had a great time hearing her stories about her history with Millwall.

I then took Sophie to uni and went back home to galavant with my pals, The Jellyhorners, on PS4 where we raided in Destiny and attempted to stop the Spliced Fallen from completing their plans to take back the Cosmodrome. If that made any sense to you, god love ya. If not, then ignore it and let it sail over your head.

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring more diversity to my days. Until then, adios amigos!



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