Blogtober #22 – Millwall, Bermondsey & Having A Drink With My Dad

Alright my luvvers!

Another Saturday, another day down The Den chasing dreams of promotion and avoiding relegation.

I can’t say a lot other than we won the game, got the three points and drank it all down with some beers in the box afterward! The team spirit is there in some of the players but the tactics are not working and it seems the fans are the only ones who can see it. However, we moan and groan but we still turn up week in week out, win or lose so who are we to complain.

After the game, I went to meet my mate at his new living quarters in Bermondsey and it was a bit of a shock to the system for me. I class myself as a ‘Londoner’ but I really can’t I don’t think. The kind of things you see about parts of London being rough and intimidating are not present where I live but I felt on edge walking around in the early evening. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it and haven’t grown up in that environment or maybe it’s just me, who knows! However, we went on a little pub crawl and managed to get through a total of two whole pubs. We finished in the pub where my Dad had happened to wind up and managed to slyly get a few rounds off of him and his friends, although we did offer to pay! Promise!

It’s always a laugh having a with my Dad because his mates always drop him in the shit and tell me stories from their football tours abroad, regaling me with tales of misadventure and mischief that never fail to make me cry with laughter. We had a very kind and patient Über driver who stopped on more than one occasion to let me get out as I feared I would be sick. We got home okay though, and after a quick shower I plonked myself in bed and zonked out.

Adios peeps,



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