Blogtober #21 – Filming In London, Roadhouse & Double Dating

Alright my luvvers!

Today I filmed at a studio in Soho in London for OCD Action and hopefully, I will be on an app that they’re developing! How bloodie exciting is that?! I also filmed a sort of ‘my life story’ sequence which will hopefully further explain and add detail to my OCD story in the media.

I do all of this so that people who are suffering in silence feel like they have a voice, that they’re not alone. When you live with a mental illness, it can often feel like everything is negative and that there’s nothing to look forward to. Hope can seem like a distant memory but it’s there, burning brightly deep within you. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it again. If me sharing my story can be that push towards recovery and getting your life together again, then my struggles will have been worth it. I’ll keep you all posted when I hear back from OCD Action about when the app will be released and when/where the other footage will be available.

Sophie and I then headed back through Soho and Chinatown towards Covent Garden as we were going to Roadhouse to celebrate with cocktails AND it was ‘happy hour’ as well which was a lovely Brucey bonus! We tried four different cocktails that got us well on the way to being tipsy. This was all good prep for our double date with my friend and his partner at a nice little Mediterranean restaurant close to where we all live. We all had a laugh, drank a fair amount of wine and enjoyed delicious food. Another bloodie good day!

Take care peeps,






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