Blogtober #19 – Frittatas, Tigers & Friends

Alright my luvvers!

This morning, I did something that I hadn’t done for a long time. Now to the vast majority of people, it was a completely normal thing to do. However, for me, it was a real challenge and something that I had to make my brain focus on and try not to let run away from me. What did I do that required so much effort you ask?

I handled, prepared and cooked breakfast from scratch. From cutting up the bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes and attempting (and then quitting after one failed attempt due to stress and worry because of OCD) to crack all of the eggs. My aim was for omelettes but it ended up being frittatas which turned out to be the best option because both myself and Sophie were ‘Ank Marvin! Soph was also a fantastic help and supported me through it all, cracking the eggs that I couldn’t and clearing up as I went to make it easier for me. The stress and worry was worth it because they were delicious, especially with melted dairy-lea cheese triangles and cheddar cheese on top!

We then went to see Sophie’s sister and her partner before heading off to do some shopping. We visited a store called Tiger, which if you’ve never heard of before, is basically IKEA but for all of the shit that you really don’t need. Now, when I say stuff you don’t need, I really mean it. But it’s stuff that you’ll almost certainly want instantaneously, like a cactus pen, a desktop basketball hoop and balls and many other knick-knacks.

When I got home, I enjoyed a really relaxing gaming night with my friends online. We’ve got a group called ‘The Jellyhorners’, we’re spread all over the country and we’re all different ages so it’s really great to chat with them and chill out in the evenings.

Take care of yourselves peeps,



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