Blogtober #18 – My First Blogger Event, Selfridges & MILLLLLLLL

Alright my luvvers!

This morning, I attended my first ever PR event as a blogger (oooh errr, look at me go) thanks once again to Amanda (check previous posts for her social media links). She got me a plus one for the event and it’s safe to say that it was definitely worth the 7am start!

It was being held at the wonderfully quaint and delightful restaurant, The Providores, on Marylebone High Street. I will write up a separate blog post specifically for the event as there is too much I want to include here but suffice to say it was bloodie fab! The food was great, the company hosting the event was very interesting and passionate about their product (it was a Manuka honey company from New Zealand) and I felt at ease considering it was my first event.

Amanda and I then had a wander down Oxford Street and upon discovering that she had never been to Selfridges before, I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by, especially as we were walking past it. Even I had forgotten how luxurious everything inside was and the fact that there were Christmas decorations up throughout the store filled me with festive anticipation (and it’s not even been Halloween yet!). I tried on a coat made by Reiss that, if I purchased it, would’ve meant that I’d have spent nearly £1000 to look like Del Trotter. It felt fucking amazing to wear, I must admit.

After saying farewell to Amanda at Oxford Street tube station, I then had a walk back to Charing Cross as I was off to watch Millwall play at home against Bolton in the evening. It was a cold night, so cold in fact that I had to break out the winter coat as we were up in the stands. Usually we’re in a friend of my dad’s box but we had to make do with the cold night. What made it worse was Millwall’s performance on the pitch. A dismal 2-0 defeat capped off the day but the beer in the bar afterwards did almost enough to make up for it.

Not a bad Tuesday if you ask me!

Take care of yourselves peeps,




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