Blogtober #17 – Self Care, London Life & Twin Atlantic

Alright my luvvers!

Today started out fairly okay. It was a dreary day with grey clouds abound in the sky. I was up early AGAIN (which is becoming a regular occurrence in my life thanks to a certain someone!) but I didn’t mind. I was off to take Soph to uni but she felt completely overwhelmed with stress and worry so decided to use the day as an opportunity to get some work done from home and practice some self-care. It’s so important to listen to your body and your mind when it’s screaming for a break so giving yourself the time to rest is vital to keeping your health in check.

I spent the majority of the morning/early afternoon making sure Soph was okay and we watched YouTube vids and chilled out. I then dropped her off at uni later in the day as she felt like she wanted to go in and I was really proud of her for confronting her mental health head on!

When I left, I headed into London because I was off to meet Amanda (@amandabootes on Twitter) and go and see Twin Atlantic at an exclusive, limited acoustic gig at Red Bull Studios near London Bridge. I am beyond grateful to Amanda for giving me her plus one ticket because it was such an amazing night!

When I arrived at London Bridge, it was absolutely pissing it down and we both got drenched. Wet through, we trudged to the studios and had a little explore along the way. We walked along the river and passed HMS Belfast which was very impressive and managed to grab a few pics along the way. I take it for granted but it really is great living close to London. We made it to the studios in the nick of time and grabbed a couple of seats at the side of the room.

Twin Atlantic (or the two of them that were there) were fantastic and they played for around 45 minutes. They belted out some classics and a couple of new ones as well so it was thoroughly enjoyable. There was free alcohol too which is NEVER a bad thing 😛

Overall, it was a really nice day 🙂

Adios amigos,



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