Blogtober #15 – McDonald’s Breakfast, More Make Up & Films

Alright my luvvers!

I started the day off rather well this morning by being a good boyfriend and taking Soph to get Maccies breakfast. You can’t go wrong by starting the day with a sausage, egg and cheese bagel with a hash brown, followed by a smooth tropicana orange juice to wash it all down with! Although we both felt stuffed afterwards and it’s not something I recommend getting every morning, or even that regularly in fact, every now and then it’s a proper tasty treat.

We then filmed the sequel to Sophie’s makeup video which meant that Sophie had free creative reign over putting whatever makeup on my face that she wanted. Again, just like the first video, it was so much fun to film and we couldn’t stop laughing. You can find the video here – – and it would be great to know what you think. If you’ve got any ideas for other videos we could film together, that would be fab as well so do get in touch.

After all of that, some serious relaxing was in order so we settled in for a genuine Netflix and chill session. We put on a cute rom-com and melted into the covers, content hearing the rain on the window pattering away whilst we were all snug and cosy. A really good day indeed.

Take care of yourselves,






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