Blogtober #14 – Contour & Cocktails, A Tale of Makeup & Booze

Alright my luvvers!

Today was an incredibly fun day. I filmed possibly my favourite YouTube video to date and got to spend more time with Soph exploring London and finding hip and trendy places to drink cocktails!

I’m not quite sure how I was roped into the whole thing but Soph managed to present the idea in such a way that it seemed like a great plan. We would make a video where I did her makeup and in return, she would get to do mine at a later stage. All sounds like fun and games, right?

That was until I started rummaging through the numerous makeup drawers in Sophie’s room, discovering new things with names and abilities that were alien to me. Hearing sounds that I’d only come across briefly in my life before, words like contouring, filled me with curiosity and trepidation all at once. With half an idea, I plucked out all of the makeup I thought I would require and then we hit record.

You can watch the video here – – please let us know what you think about it :’)

After this, the plan was to go to Roadhouse in Covent Garden because it supposedly was a lively, busy, cool place to dance and drink cocktails. I have to admit that for a Friday night in London Town, it was pretty flat. The place wasn’t shakin’ ‘n’ movin’ and the cocktails were decent but expensive for what they were. I didn enjoy a ‘Peanut Colada’ that was served in a fake half a coconut though, and it was pretty damn tasty if not sickly at the same time. However we did meet up with one of Sophie’s uni friends and her partner which was nice so swings and roundabouts!

We ended the night in The Crosse Keys Weatherspoons and then had a little stroll back to the station. We also managed to bag a lift back to Sophie’s from her dad (thank you very much kind sir!). A great day spent with the best person. Smiling is easy around you Soph :’)

Adios amigos,



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