Blogtober #13 -Royal Tunbridge Wells, Bill’s & Josh Widdicombe

Alright my luvvers!

I had a bit of an adventure today (although nothing as grand as Bilbo’s trip in Middle Earth mind) as I travelled to Royal Tunbridge Wells for a comedy show!

I had arranged to meet up with Claire (another friend I had made online that I was meeting in real life!) and go and see Josh Widdicombe in his stand-up show. I was excited as I’d never been to RTB before. It was easy to get to by car and got parked okay thanks to Claire giving me £1 for the car park as I stupidly forgot all of my money!

We grabbed some food from a restaurant I’d never eaten in before called Bill’s. The food was lovely (I had a buttermilk chicken burger and sweet potato fries if you’re interested) and fairly priced too.

The venue was really cool and the sound and view was great too. It was sold out and even the warm up act got a raucous round of applause. Josh was on fire though and his interaction with the crowd was so funny.

I definitely recommend going to see a stand up show if you’ve been having a tough time of it, the laughter certainly helps! 😊
Adios amigos,



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