Blogtober #12 -Pancakes, Pussies & Parents

Alright my luvvers!

Today was pretty much the perfect day. If you could ask me to describe my perfect day, this wouldn’t be too far off the mark. I’ve spent it with someone who makes me ridiculously happy, eaten some delicious food, laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and filmed a hilarious and cute YouTube video.

I’ll start with breakfast which I have to say was pretty bloodie phenomenal. Soph made pancakes for me after I got the ingredients (yeah, fuck you OCD) and they were divine! Stacked 8 pancakes high, the towers of heavenly goodness went down a treat and the fact that they were topped with butterscotch syrup, strawberries and icing sugar made them look and taste even more appetizing. I have to take my hat off to you Soph, you really delivered the goods and can certainly make these for me again :’)

Sophie and I then started to film our first collaborative YouTube video. We decided on doing the ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge’ with the deal that Sophie can do a makeup video on me which we’ll be filming on Friday for you all. It was absolutely hysterical and I don’t think I’ve ever been more bamboozled in my life than when I was confronted with 5 tiers of makeup drawers. I did my best but I am sure that when you watch the video (I’ll add a link when it’s available) you will see that I failed miserably although I did a good job with the foundation apparently, so that’s something!

We were also constantly in fear of being interrupted by Sophie’s two cats, Bluebell and Lottie. I’m not the biggest cat lover I’ll admit, but they’re both incredibly cute and certainly know how to get affection out of a dog person! They also make noises around the house which is terrifying and surprising when you’re not used to having cats around and more than once I jumped out of my skin when they ran in the room.

I also met Sophie’s parents for the first time and as anyone will tell you, meeting the parents is always a little nervewracking but they were absolutely lovely! They made me feel so relaxed and at ease which was all I could ask for and according to Soph, they liked me and thought I was a nice lad. We all had a curry and a laugh and I’m glad I’ve met them. Now I just have to meet Sophie’s older sister who is apparently very protective, so wish me luck peeps!

Take care of yourselves,



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