Blogtober #10 – Playstation VR Review & The Jellyhorners

Alright my luvvers!

I had such an early start this morning as I had to be up, showered and ready to leave the house by nine o’clock! I understand that to many this will seem quite late but for someone who hasn’t had to get up before 10am since college, it was pretty hard to do! Yet it was something I was desperately excited for so I had no trouble rousing myself and cracking on. I travelled to the Game store in the Westfield Shopping Centre at White City in London because I had booked a trial experience with Playstation’s new Virtual Reality hardware.

Priced at £349.99, it’s safe to say I won’t be able to buy this on release so it was a great opportunity for me to see what all the hype was about. I was told on arrival that I was only allowed to play for 10 minutes and of the four games on offer, I could only choose one to play which was a little disappointing but understandable as a lot of people had booked throughout the day. The games on offer were Rigs (a battle bot, competitive multiplayer experience), Eve: Valkyrie (a space pilot shooter), Playstation Worlds (places you under the sea to experience life beneath the waves) and Battlezone (Tron inspired tank driving shoot ’em up). I chose Eve: Valkyrie as it was the closest I could imagine to the exclusive fighter pilot mission offered in Star Wars Battlefront.

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the experience. Although far better than I imagined it would be in terms of graphical prowess, it failed to make me feel immersed in the world I was being transported into. The novelty wore off very quickly and trying to focus the headset so I could get a clear picture but also keep out any outside light proved frustrating. On the plus side, the headset felt very comfortable to wear and the build quality was very good indeed.

Overall, I reckon if you’ve got the money to spare, throw your cash Sony’s way because it’ll be worth it if you want that kind of experience for a much cheaper price than competitors such as Oculus Rift (which retails at £549.00). However, if you were saving for it in the hopes of that completely unforgettable experience, you might come away feeling slightly disappointed. But everything is subjective, and your experience will probably be very different to mine so don’t cancel your pre-order based on this review, this is just my personal opinion!

I also got to meet a friend in the flesh today who I’ve been talking to online for a few hours every night (there or thereabouts) for around a year and a half. We’re part of a PS4 gaming clan called ‘The Jellyhorners’ (originally set up for Destiny as a play on one of the rare exotic guns found in the game, The Gjallerhorn’). I realised that I would be one tube stop away from his place of work so on the off chance, I asked if he was free on his lunch break and he was! He waved at me like a complete idiot from across the traffic lights in full view of around 50 people outside the station. Go figure.

However, it was great to meet him and even though I knew what he looked like, it was still surreal putting his voice to his face (if that makes any sense). We grabbed some lunch, a lamb kofte and spicy chicken meatballs from Leon to be precise, and chatted about work and life in general. A few more of us from the group are planning on meeting up before Christmas which I’m really looking forward to.

Anyway, enough from me. Take care of yourselves as always.

Adios amigos,








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