Blogtober #8 – First Dates, Wagamamas & More Sausage Party

Alright my luvvers!

I’m posting this a day late like the last one because I needed a day without blogging because my brain was fried but I had the ideas all laid out in my head so here it is for you in all its glory.

First dates are almost always awkward. Muddled words, questions that halt on the tip of your tongue, answers  become twisted as they escape the confines of your brain and travel, unfiltered, out of your open mouth. The inevitable stain of spilt food lingering on the horizon, creeping ever closer and the silence looms over the night.

Well, I am happy to report that there was none of this on my first date with Sophie (aka @PetalsofPerfect on Twitter) on Friday. We went for the very average, ‘meal and cinema’ affair but it was far from average! We didn’t stop laughing, smiling or talking all night and already have a second date planned for next week which I cannot wait for. We’ll also be collaborating on that day as well, so watch out for that video down the line!

We decided on Wagamamas for dinner and as always, it lived up to expectations! I can’t express my love for the place in words really because everything about it is awesome! The food is to die for, the drinks are fab (if you like beer, check out the Chinese ‘Buddha’ beer or the Japanese green-tea infused ‘Iki’ option) and I’ll use any excuse to eat with chopsticks because I always think it looks cool. We both went for the chicken and prawn pad thai and it was LUSH, and, because I am a pig I had duck gyoza and chilli squid as well. I felt so stuffed afterwards but it was oh-so worth it.

Then we watched Sausage Party. Now let me tell you from the get-go, if you do not have a rude, sexual or childish sense of humour, you will not enjoy this film in the slightest. Laced with clever comedic genius, this over the top, in your face (quite literally) film is a riot from start to finish and at a deeper level genuinely makes you question the bigger things in life. It was a perfect first-date icebreaker (not that we needed one) because we didn’t stop laughing throughout and came away with our face buckles in agony from the laughter. If you love Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and the like, you will relish in this film.

Anway, enough from me. Adios amigos!







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