Blogtober #7 – A Sausage Party & No Motivation

Alright my luvvers!

I’ve had absolutely no motivation today and I told myself I was going to write 4 blog posts and have managed to complete just one! So I’m not going to attempt a long one for today’s Blogtober entry as I haven’t really done anything other than lay around in bed all day listening to music, drinking Pepsi Max and eating M&S crisps.

However, I’m off out tonight to see Sausage Party and have a meal. It’ll probably be TGIs or Wagamamas or a cheeky Nandos but I can at least give you lot an update about it all tomorrow!

It’s really hard letting someone new into your life and trusting them with everything that you see as a flaw and a failure. But that’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to trust and take that leap of faith. Today has been difficult but I’m still fighting and supporting others which is what matters the most.

I’m thinking of anyone struggling today and wishing you all well. Take care of yourselves!

Adios amigos, Rich


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