Blogtober #5 – Daily Focal Launch Day, Motivation & YouTube

Alright my luvvers!


I am so happy to announce that the site is live – – and you can connect with us on social media @DailyFocal as well! It’s a fab place for all things entertainment, lifestyle, mental health, dating & relationships amongst many other things so go check it! Tell a friend, retweet about us, share it everywhere you can and help spread the word 😀

In other news, I have been struggling a lot today with motivation. It’s been a struggle to move from under the covers to on top of the covers, let alone out of bed! Ideas have been burning a hole in my brain about blog post topics, YouTube videos and projects that I think would be exciting not just for me but for you guys as well. And yet I still found getting on with things incredibly hard to do. It took the patience and encouragement of my good friend Sophie who pestered me (in a good way) and got my arse into gear. If you aren’t already, go follow her on Twitter @Petalsofperfect to find out more about her YouTube channel and blog, you won’t regret it!

Finally, I think I need to apologise to all of my YouTube subscribers. It’s been a while since I was regularly posting videos for you lot and I’m sorry. Now I could make the excuse of ‘life’s got in the way’ but in all honesty, I haven’t been doing other things. I’ve just been battling a lot with depression as the summer has slowly drawn to a close and it’s been really hard finding the inspiration to film. Also, I’ve found that I am struggling to come up with topics for the videos that are not related to mental health so if you guys have any ideas of fun things I could film or subjects that you think need to be talked about, please let me know! I’ll be filming a video for my channel right after this post goes live and I will be aiming for the vid to be up later tonight so please check it out and share it around if you can! If you’re not a subscriber already, then I would welcome you with open arms and you’ll have lots of virtual love being sent your way.

You can find my channel at

Anyhow, that’s enough for today in terms of the blog. Wishing you all well and take care of yourselves as always :’)

Adios amigos, Rich.


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