Blogtober #4 – Grown Up Bedcovers, To-Do Lists, Broken Homes & Daily Focal

Alright my lovers!

I hope you’re all enjoying this fine two-for as much as I am. The sun is shining and I’m clinging on to the last vestiges of summer by maintaining that wearing boxers around the house is still perfectly acceptable and isn’t making me cold at all.

I’m rather excited today too because I’ve purchased my first ever double set of proper, adult friendly, grown-up bed covers. Now I must confess, when I was searching for some new bed covers, my mind immediately wandered off to Star Wars bedding. However, I found that it all seemed very much geared towards children which was disappointing because I certainly think that there is ample room for Star Wars merch to be aimed at all age groups. I then had a look to see if there were any cool WWE related bed covers but again, my efforts were in vain. That settled it in my mind. I was going to buy grown up bedding.

Suffice to say, I am more than pleased with my decision!

If, like me, you’re thinking of taking the plunge into adulthood, then proper grown up bedding is definitely a good first step! Also, it’s just really freakin’ cool to look at IMO.

Now, another thing that’s been bothering me lately is that I always get a rush of inspiration and ideas and I can almost guarantee that I’ll be in no position to note them down or record them for looking at later. These ideas could be blog posts, fun Youtube videos, topics that I think need covering about mental health or just projects I want to focus on in the future. This happened a lot today and this morning I woke up and my head was filled with fun and fantastical things I wanted to do with my life. I took a shower and thought of even more things I wanted to achieve and attempt and when it came to writing it all down, everything seemed so distant in my mind. So I need to start writing out to-do lists and actually get my ideas out of my head and onto paper or my notes app! If anyone has any advice on the best practice for this do let me know in the comments below.

On to a totally different subject now. It was my Mum’s 60th birthday yesterday. I saw her open her present and smile and tell me she loved it. I told her that I loved her and I sang happy birthday to her. But the one thing that I wanted to do most, to give her a hug, was the one thing I couldn’t do. Because all of this took place through the screen on my phone.

My parents have been separated since I was 7 and a half (yes, the ‘and a half’ is important to me) and it feels like it’s all I’ve ever known. It’s also not very often these days that it upsets me so when it does, it hits me out of nowhere and catches me completely off guard. If you’ve been brought up in a ‘broken home’ you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve lived with my Dad since the split which was a decision that was agreed upon by both of my parents in an amicable way which I am now very grateful for as an adult. They are civil with each other and although this is how I’ve known my life to be for so long, part of me never stops thinking “What if?”. How would my life have turned out had they stayed together? The questions are endless and I know it does me no good to ponder them but I cannot help it. And it’s still really hard when I think about it, especially at times like birthdays and Christmases when I can’t be with all of my family.

If you have shared a similar experience growing up, please let me know in the comments. I think I’ll write a more in-depth blog post or film a YouTube video about this subject because there is so much I could say and would like to talk about.

Lastly, and I’ll end on a really positive note, I have been included as a Blogger for the brand new (move over Reddit) front page of the internet website called Daily Focal. Launching tomorrow at 6am, it will be a hub of creativity, opinion, information and entertainment for people who want to hear a more personal view of the goings on in the world. There’ll be lots covered on the site from entertainment to mental health discussion (which I cannot wait to read and write for/about), lifestyle posts, news topics, dating and relationships and parenting articles. It will all be written by people with experiences that are relatable and hopefully you can go and check it out! You can find the Daily Focal on Twitter & Instagram @DailyFocal and there is a Facebook page as well, just search the name! I am so excited to be involved in such an amazing project and I hope you all enjoy reading what we have to share!

As always, adios amigos!



3 thoughts on “Blogtober #4 – Grown Up Bedcovers, To-Do Lists, Broken Homes & Daily Focal

  1. That is freakin’ cool bedding. I am very jealous. For my ideas: I always have my journal with me and in the back I have some post-it-notes. So when I have a thought I scribble it down on a post-it-note so it doesn’t matter about spelling, or what it looks like or even if it is just half formed. Then when I have a quiet 5 minutes I can look through my post it notes and decide which ones make it into the journal proper, which ones go into the blog, and which ones go into the shoe box where I keep all my worry thoughts. I think you just need to try everything you can until you get it right. B&M have some fantastic journals and post it notes so you don’t have to splurge.

    Looking forward to seeing your work on Daily Focal!

    Have a nice night Rich.

  2. congratulations on Daily Focus, and on the incredibly cool bedding! What a great way to pick your next holiday – which one did I sleep on? 🙂
    I have a suggestion for the head-full-of- ideas problem. I have a box of notelets with an attached pen by my bed, there are some mornings I wake up lying on crumple pieces of perfectly square paper. However, as they’re colourful, they’re easy to find. I look forward to what the middle-of-the-night-colourful-paper-ideas will bring to your blog. Have a lovely evening.

  3. Your post strikes me with the positive energy you put in it, it’s amazing and uplifting! I also love your bed cover, very cool and inspiring for new adventures 😊

    For the ideas, I always have my idea’s notebook with me and grab it immediately when a thought pops up, i’m also always surrounded by post it.

    About the family subject, I think my parents divorced when I was around the same age as you, they also stayed in good terms, as if they were distant friends. I get what you might feel. However, I think I got used to having every celebration twice and separated, that I don’t feel sadness. But it does makes me very happy when I see everyone together. But hey, they divorced to be happier so I take it as a good thing for them♥️

    Have a nice day ~🌸

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