Wow. Hard hitting and beautifully written. An all too real depiction of what life is like for girls/women growing up and living in society.

Jasmine Leah

I’m sixteen years old and it may come as a surprise

that at this age I feel rather sexualised

by boys of fourteen to men of forty,

who’s eyes like to wander to places that I once thought were mine.

Some men look at me like I’m a piece of meat,

or nothing more than a dog that should fall at their feet when they need me.

And if the dirty stares aren’t enough,

them shouting out of their cars as I walk past

would make any girl feel like she can never be anything more than a slut.

“Hey sexy”

“Where are you going?”

and “nice ass”

are just a few of the remarks I hearon a daily basis

despite me not inviting these things to be shouted at me as I walk past.

Are they expecting a reply?

For me to smile and wink as I go by?

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