Blogtober #3 – Jägermeister, Live Music & Global Financial Corruption

I had a whole day of blogging planned and woke up feeling funky, fresh and ready to tackle the world. The sun was shining and the music was blaring, my fingers twitching, eager to hit the keyboard. Then, as the distraction of social media reared it’s irresistible little head (you see a pattern of behaviour forming with my morning routine?), I slumped back under the covers and let the motivation slip away in the autumnal breeze (I had to get autumnal in there somewhere, give me a break guys).

I also partially blame a certain miss Amanda Bootes for aiding in my hangover that lingered for the first hour or so this morning. 3 Jägermeister shots and a fair bit of alcohol later, it’s safe to say my brain wasn’t all too grateful. However, meeting her in real life was bloodie fantastic. I learnt a few things that made me chuckle, one example being that Amanda studied for 6 months in France as a pastry chef and didn’t learn any of the lingo! But for all of her many faults (disliking tea being the standout example!) I thoroughly enjoyed her company and I’m sure it won’t be the last time we get tipsy and rock out together.

I’ll write a review of the gig that we attended in a separate post because it was so much fun and the bands were genuinely amazing that they deserve a lot more than just a paragraph or two on this one. But if you haven’t already, go and check out The Recoupes, Waves, Decembre, Diamond Days and Witterquick!

Now, on a slightly more serious note, I watched a film called The Big Short today and it completely opened my eyes to the absolute and total corrupt nature of the financial world. I really cannot go into detail because it frustrated and annoyed me so much that I don’t want to rant all night BUT go and watch it and see how little control we have about what happens in this world.

Anyway, adios amigos until the morrow!


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