Blogtober #2 – NFL, Peeps IRL & Bloglovin’

Alright my lovers!

I must admit, when I haven’t got a specific topic in mind to write about, I find it a lot harder to focus. I’ve currently flicking between Insta and Twitter but I am trying to avoid hitting the DND button because I must learn to resist temptation and hone my attention on the task at hand. That task today falls to Blogtober day two. I’m writing it so early in the day (13:03) because I intend to immerse myself in the NFL that’s on the beeb today and tonight I am out galavanting in London with a fellow blogger/YouTuber who I’ll be meeting IRL for the first time!

NFL is always a riot, especially when we try and recreate the drama and sheer OTT scale that the Americans are so accustomed to. But, give them their due, the beeb always seem to deliver the goods when the NFL travels across the pond and the fact it’s at Wembley is always a Brucey bonus because Wembley is one of my favourite places on the planet for gigs, sports events and the like. It’s strange to think that I used to play American football as well. Seems like a lifetime ago now, those cold, mist filled evenings in Orpington training with the Kent Exiles. I think if I was physically fitter back when I was 15/16 I would’ve carried on but I discovered the magic of alcohol and parties and being in a rock band, so the passion for playing and training subsided. Anyway, if you’re intrigued about the NFL, it’s on BBC Two at 14:30 (I think that’s when KO is, don’t hold me to it) and the teams playing each other are the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s still very early in the season but both teams will be eager to record a big W, giving them early momentum to sustain the dream of a play-off place with the Lombardi Trophy a shimmering goal atop the mountain.

OMG whilst writing this I have just discovered BLOGLOVIN’ and it’s like Facebook but for bloggers and I am so excited and yes I’m sounding like a total weirdo but I don’t even care because it’s amazeballs #totesemosh – Go follow me on BLOGLOVIN’ @richbiscuit21 – Also, if someone could tell me the widely accepted abbreviation for BLOGLOVIN’ is that would be fab please (like, Facebook is FB so I’m assuming BLOGLOVIN’ is BL? Please help).

Even more exciting is the fact that I shall be heading into London later to meet Amanda Bootes (if you’re not already, go check her out because we are off to see Diamond Days, Witterquick & Decembre at Surya near King’s Cross Station! I’ve had a playlist of the bands on repeat for days now so I am fully prepared to lose my voice singing along. It’ll also be the first time that myself and Amanda see each other IRL even though it feels like we’ve known each other for ages and met before already!

Compared to how I was feeling last night, it’s safe to say that today is a much better mental health day. The sun is shining, I’m feeling productive and I have things to look forward to. Life can be pretty decent sometimes.

Take care of yourselves, ya filthy animals!


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