Tough Mudder & OCD

Well, I never thought out of all of the possible outcomes of today that I would have said I enjoyed crawling through mud and muddy water πŸ˜‚
Over the past month or two, my nerves have been slowly building up and they peaked last night. I didn’t sleep well and my tummy was in knots.
However, I woke up and although I was still nervy, it was the kind of nerves that transform into adrenaline and help push you forwards. From the moment we got to the grounds for Tough Mudder, I was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to get on with it. We all got geared up and then it was time to start the challenge!
I froze at the third obstacle, aptly named ‘Kiss the Mud’ in which you had to army crawl under barbed wire through wet mud. Fight or flight kicked in and I hesitated for about 5-10 seconds and then remembered the motto I’ve been living by these past few months. Fuck it. I got straight down in the mud and crawled like the best of them! After that, my OCD went away and for the first time in forever, my mind was quiet and I could take everything in without worrying all the time. You are capable of fighting whatever mental health issues you have and fear can be overcome with hard work, determination and bravery.
I’m so proud of myself because a couple of months ago, the thought of doing this alone was terrifying but to have ended the day with smiles and no regrets is more than I could’ve asked for.
However, the most important thing to come out of today’s Tough Mudder is the staggering amount of money that has been raised for OCD Action. To everyone that donated to my just giving page or shared my story, my thanks go out to you because you helped raise Β£534.13! How incredible!
I’ll never forget today for a myriad of reasons, but completing it with my friends, Danielle, Jonathan and Kristian was the icing on the cake (special shoutout to Danielle for sticking by me when my legs gave out, when cramp took hold and staying with me until the *shocking* end πŸ˜πŸ˜‚)
I am so lucky sometimes 😊 also a big thank you to Barry, my Dad, my rock and my number one fan. I love you ☺️ and I loveall of you who are fighting your own battles and not giving in.


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