Falling in love isn’t complicated, it can be messy and filled with heartache and pain but it’s quick and swift and beautiful.

Falling in love is electric, an ocean and a million sunsets are incomparable to the wonder I see in the deep blue,

Because falling in love isn’t falling in love unless it’s falling in love, with you.

Falling in love is a drag race, chaos and smoke and screeching tyres and then it isn’t a race at all,

It’s a slow and graceful waltz upon the dance floor of our broken promises and misplaced dreams. A quick-step away from the greatest journey we can take, a one way ticket to an unknown destination where the person sitting beside you isn’t a person so much as your everything,

Who can oh so tragically become a stranger again but remember this.

Falling in love is living and loving is all we can do, for if we aren’t living we are just pushing carbon dioxide out and sucking oxygen in like machines but we are not machines.

We are falling in love and it’s a road I can’t help but walk down because all roads lead to home and you are my front door, welcome mat and all. You are my porch swing on a summer’s eve and my fire place on a winter’s night.

Falling in love is scary, but it isn’t really falling at all, it’s giving yourself to somebody else hoping they’re falling the same way is all.


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