Time is a constant or so we believe but when my thoughts are waving at you time falls away in the breeze.
A Starbucks order where you asked my name is now the beginning of a story so grand people will write plays, for years in the history books kids will be told, of the way that our paths met and intertwined like ships in the night that crossed because they were looking up at the same stars in the sky.
Ask yourself why, why choose to say no and disrepute it as such when love comes along and we push it away, put it all down to luck. Then use it like a crutch that we don’t need but let it in, let it breathe, you’ll see. That it’s not just an ocean but it’s the tides in my veins that wash up to my heart, bloodie waters that excite me and pull me apart.
If the rag and bone men come searching for me, tell them call the coastguard and search out at sea. That’s where the stories are wild and untamed, fortune favours the bold and this sailor is brave. But tell them not to stay looking for too long. I’m burned out on the horizon and feeling forlorn.
A brush fire in the forest doesn’t hear the tree fall, it tears it down from its roots and watches it all. A mirage in the desert with a three humped camel and yellow sail barge isn’t too far fetched an idea when you’re feeling so starved and haven’t had life pass your lips for years but the sweet liquid of the well cannot compare to the taste of your kiss. An explosion is what I want, an implosion of love for your touch is a time-bomb and I’m lost in the rush.
Incomparable to a summer’s day and I know that’s been said but it’s true and the words don’t do justice if left unread, by a prophet or preacher man selling his wares I’ll die on the sword, it’s my cross to bear. If losing me is the cost of loving you, consider me gone for a world without you is no world at all. The blackest, darkest, most terrible night is a symphony of sadness when faced with your light.
Caverns are made and formed for all time in the coast of your smile and the depth of your eyes but I don’t think you’ll ever know the price that I’ve paid for looking upon you and wasting away. Forgetting to eat or drink or stand tall, I’ve fallen and withered and the ground swallows me whole and again I am part of you because you’re everything all at once and I’m happy to know I’m a particle of dust that settles on your eyelash and sees the world from your perspective, bathed in all your hope and glory. Who said beauty was subjective?


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