The Last Sunset

Wouldn’t it be easier, just to slip away?

Something nice and painless though, because who wants the trouble of having hurt and heartache at the bitter end. Something sweet please, comfortable silence and nothing more.

A breeze, the sun dancing across what feels like weathered skin though barely a wrinkle lies upon it and the waves lapping ashore.


A painter’s wet dream.

Can’t shake that bleak horizon though.

Not so much an evil but more a knowing darkness, a bashful shadow singing in the wind.

Misery hasn’t a place in the fields of gold that lay behind me, cicadas orchestrating the final symphony.

And to be found in this state once the sadness has passed would negate the need for a grave or plaque.The memories needn’t a fixed place in the world but your mind. Living, breathing, thriving on your love for me, fuelled by the salt in your tears that sting the open wounds I’ve left behind.

A puzzle that couldn’t be solved, a stone that’s left unturned, a mystery that stayed just that.

Ludovico accompanies me now, as the liquid hits.

Cold on my toes.

Cold on my knees.

Cold on my waist.

Cold on my chest.

Cold on my neck.

Cold rivers fill the valleys in my hair.

I can’t see now, where it all went wrong. But it’s ended here, a beautiful sky.

A farewell to the red setting sun that melts into the sea.

A farewell to me.


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