Honey I’m home!

Is what I’d say if I was talking to my other half and I lived in the 1950’s. However this is the 21st century and I’m talking to you, the reader on a blog in virtual internet space.
The long and short of it is, I’m back to blogging and it’s been way too long since I last blurted out my thoughts and feelings on here. If you’re a returning reader, hey! Thanks for coming back 🙂 if you’re new, welcome! You’re readership is much appreciated 🙂

So, it’s been over 200 days since I last posted here and it feels like it could’ve been yesterday. Nothing seems to have changed and unfortunately, as I’m starting to see a lot more lately, things are getting worse with regards to certain aspects of my OCD. I’m washing my hands more, I’m creating new ‘rituals’ all the time and showering seems to take forever. Also, the suicidal thoughts have wangled their way back in to my head over the past few days. Quite frankly, the past 2 weeks have been what can only be described as hellish.

HOWEVER (yes the capitals were needed because it’s a big positive)

I’ve found a new creative outlet that not only brings me a lot of joy but also helps alleviate the stress, sadness, discomfort and worry that OCD and depression can cause. And that creative outlet is POETRY! Now if you already know me or know a tad about me, you’ll know I’m a keen songwriter and I suppose poetry and songwriting come hand in hand. But it’s a different discipline altogether as the lack of melody and music force me to use the words in the poetry to create a rythym and beat if you will.

And they don’t just focus on my OCD, some are about where I live and some are just mutterings that I get on a whim or whiff of inspiration.

If anyone knows how to get poems copyrighted/published any information is welcome, just get in touch with me on Twitter via @richtaylormusic

Reading is also still a constant source of happiness and relaxation for me, along with playing video games and plundering the depths of Netflix.

Anyway, I’m back, blogging and here to stay. I will strive and try as hard as I can to keep this as regular as possible but I’m not making any promises!

So I hope this finds you all well and as usual, comments are welcome.



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