Jumping in at the deep end…

I am a blogger.

There. I’ve said it. Resigned myself to the fact. And d’ya know what? I feel better already. Blogging is good, I think. I’ve been told it is anyway, and I’ve been told to be honest and open. So readers (the millions and millions of the Rich’s fans (if you like wrestling you might find that funny)), be prepared to read all and sundry about me. This blog will be as honest and open as they come. And maybe not straight away, because it’ll take me some time getting as confident and comfortable talking to you guys as I am with some people (ie my Dad) and it’s taken me years to be able to be open and honest with him. But I digress…

I have OCD and Depression. Now, I know that it’s being talked about a lot in a fair few forms of the media at the minute (not that I have it, I mean OCD and Mental Health in general) but most of the information is facts, figures and statistics. People will never truly understand what having a mental illness is like unless people like myself and other survivors talk about their own experiences honestly. And yes, I refer to us as survivors because unless you have it, you know that we do survive it. Everday we get up out of bed or do something that is completely ‘normal’ for anyone that doesn’t have it, we are winning. We are surviving. And okay, we may not have the same physical symptoms as say, a cancer patient, but it can be just as excruciating getting up in the morning, just as painful to carry on, and just as devastating for ourselves and the ones around us that we love so dearly.

My Dad is my hero. He will feature heavily in this blog so get used to it. Without him, I really wouldn’t be here. And people say this all the time about other people, be it best friends, mums or dads. But I really really wouldn’t. It is our love for each other that gives me the strength to defeat anything that comes at me, whether it’s from within myself or something that happens that is out of my control.

It’s getting late now and I have to be up early… and just a heads up, I won’t be proof reading or spell checking anything because I’m typing as I’m thinking and I am lazy.

If you read this, thank you. I will also be posting this on my Tumblr blog which you can find at http://www.mentalrichard.tumblr.com

Night all, love ya Dad 🙂 x


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